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Our associate's affiliate products meet a high standard for quality, service, and ethics. Each affiliate has thier own satisfaction guarantee. Please let us know if you encounter any issues with any of our affiliate products. ~ Ken

Kevin Hogan Affiliate Products
These following products ordered from our Affiliate Partners are billed and shipped directly from that partner. They are not included in your shopping cart for Ken's own products. All affiliate products meet the same approved high quality and educational standards.

Life Storms
Are you tired of attracting the same type of person into your life (dating)? Are there patterns that keep re-occurring in your life which hold you back from being the positive successful person you stive to become? This Lifestorms Program will blast through those self-sabotage behaviors for breakthrough results! This program contains 3 Audio CDs, 1 DVD, plus a manual on CD. There are 12 patterns that trip us up in life. Discover which ones have power to hold you back and what you can do to crash through them. Click on the graphic above for additional information and ordering.
Reading Body Language - Home Study Program
The most successful sales professionals and persons of influence have all mastered the secrets of non-verbal communication. In this home-study program, The Secrets of Body Language: Decoding, Interpreting & Mastering Nonverbal Communication; you have a full educational program which will have you reading body language like an expert. This program includes 8 audio CDs, 3 DVDs, plus an online secret website with hundreds of celebrity photographs and bonus video footage. Click on the graphic above for additional information and ordering.
Many buzz words are out there today which all point to Covert Hypnosis. I am sure you have heard of Black Ops programs, Underground, and Secret Hypnotics to name a few. All of these programs refer to hypnotic techniques which allow you to influence another person by by-passing their conscious awareness, typically without them knowing it. These techniques are a valuable asset to anyone in a sales profession. Many of these techniques are notorious for being used by secret government interogation groups, ministers, masters of influence, and sales professionals. Here are two programs which will allow you to master these very persuasive modalities of influence. Intro Covert
Covert Hypnosis: The Introduction to The Secrets of Unconscious Communication. This introduction program has 1 DVD. Click on the graphic above for additional information and ordering. Advanced Covert
Covert Hypnosis: Advanced Course in Unconscious Influence & Communication. This advanced program contains 8 Audio CDs, and a manual on CD. Master subconscious influence on others, use the deepest human drives to compel compliance and action, and discover the Covert Model to ethically influence others. Click on the graphic above for additional information and ordering.
Royalty Free Music
Copyright & Royalty Free Music CD Set - Tranquility, Dreams, and Cascade 3 CD Set. This CD set is great for those who are developing their own meditation or hypnosis CDs and need background music. Also, ideal for any program needing introduction music. Purchase all 3 CDs in this set for a fraction of what it would cost to hire musicians to write a single track of your own. Click on the graphic above for additional information and ordering.
Teach Kevin Hogan's Psychology of Persuasion Seminar for profit!
Want to start your own speaking business? Are you a professional public speaker or do you want to be one? Become a Licensed Psychology of Persuasion Speaker. This 'seminar-in-a-box' comes complete and includes built in name recognition. This best-selling book is translated into over 5 other foreign languages and has everything your need to begin a lucrative speaking career. Ken Owens is actually the Team Leader for all new Licensees and will personally assist you on becoming a successful speaker on this world-wide recognized program. Click on the graphic above for additional information and ordering.

Hypnotherapy Home Study DVD Program. Want to learn the basics of hypnosis? What can hypnosis do to enrich the lives of you and your friends? Learn some of the secrets of the mind. All in this homestudy DVD/CD program.
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